Music and Sports - a great team!

August 15, 2015

Piano students are busy people!  They come from families that are among the most committed and generous people in our communities.  I know parents who are coaching one or more of their child’s sports teams, teaching religious education to children, volunteering in various ways at their children’s schools, not to mention working full-time and taking care of a home.  I must admit that music teachers sometimes have a bit of an attitude toward recreational children’s sports programs.  How can a kid find time to play an instrument when he/she is out 4-5 days a week playing various sports?  Well, that is a question that only a parent can answer, but I do have some inspiration for you along your way.  While web surfing for information on music as it relates to success in school, I came across this blog:  What’s Music Got to Do With It?  (Click on What CEOs need to know for the details.)  I read here about many famous and successful people who cite music lessons as a key ingredient in their success.   Among them is  Jeremiah Brown, Canadian Olympic rower, who credits piano lessons for his ability to learn difficult things and persevere to mastery despite temporary setbacks.


Spend some extra time with your child at the piano in the coming days.  Sure, there will be discouragement, but if you have already created an environment of fun, loving attention, and success, you are well-prepared to meet the challenges.  You are also building two very different  relationships – you and your child through the music you make together and your child’s relationship with music as a companion for life.

Practicing Smarter with Better Practice