Piano Safari

  • Piano Safari

  • What is Piano Safari?

    Piano Safari Offers:

    • A carefully sequenced, intervallic approach for learning to read music notation
    • Patterned pieces taught by rote that provide engaging music for students from the first lesson
    • Animal themed Technique Exercises that teach the basic motions of piano technique
    • Improvisation ideas for developing creativity
    • A holistic approach combining ears, eyes, and imagination that allows children to become musically¬†literate at the piano
  • Common Questions

    When are lessons scheduled?

    Lessons are currently scheduled Monday-Friday. Lunch hour lessons are offered for the busy professional, and special home-school tuition before 3PM Monday-Friday

    How much practice is required?

    A minimum of 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. A higher quality short practice is better than a longer low quality practice. At our studio, we utilize the Better Practice learning management system to help our students enjoy practicing and accelerate their development

    Does the student come alone?

    No, the parents stays in the lesson with the student. This allows the parent the opportunity to be directly involved in the studetn’s musical education. The parent is also there to encourage and keep the student accountable.

    How often are lessons and how long?

    Lessons are weekly. We meet year round with periodic breaks for holidays. Lessons range from 35-50 minutes, depending on the number of students in the class:
    2 students = 35 minutes
    3 students = 40 minutes
    4 students = 45 minutes
    5 students and up = 50 minutes

    What is the cost involved?

    Lesson rates vary depending on Shared or Private. Material fees may also apply. Discounts are offered for multiple family members and for referrals.

    * Private lessons are offered only at the teacher’s discretion
    ** Homeschool discount is available for lessons scheduled Monday-Friday before 3PM

    Is there a certain commitment required after I sign up for lessons?

    Yes, there are requirements to be a part of the studio. These are discussed in detail at the information sessions; however, ultimately, one of the most important (if not THE most critical) is to have the time available and the focus needed to devote to learning to play piano.