• What is Musicopolis?

    Piano improvisation is for everyone, not just the gifted few. Musicopolis is a series of improvisation-based piano programs that invites you to sit at the piano and play your own music, right in the moment!! Students are immersed in a storybook world learning to play their own musical interpretation on the piano, while building key music foundations.

  • Common Questions

    At what age can my child enroll?

    Play-a-Story is for young piano students 4 to 7 years of age. Play-a-Window is for students 7+.

    Do we have to form our own groups?

    You may form your own group if you’d like, or we can put you in a group if one is available. Call us at 609-628-3440 to get started.

    How does this work with the Simply Music method?

    The two methods complement each other very well. If a student is enrolled in the Simply Music program, then Play-a-Window can be added as an improvisation stream.